Come to converse or to learn the language your parents forgot to teach you because, as you will see, eyn loshn iz keynmol nisht genug!*

*One language is never enough


The Charleston Yiddish Club

Is a unique way to explore the beauty and wisdom of the Yiddish language, literature and culture. Personal experiences shared by members of the club help bring an understanding of the deep importance of the Yiddish language culture to history. Shlep to the next meeting and kvel over the Yiddish words you recognize and enjoy, even if you don’t “speak Yiddish.”

Stories song and lively conversation are guaranteed to make Yiddish Club a highlight of your month.

A knowledge of Yiddish is not necessary to enjoy the club, just an appreciation of the "mother tongue" with its humor, folklore and culture.

Monthly – third Tuesday of every month
7:00pm - 8:00pm
at Center for Jewish Life – 477 Mathis Ferry Road. Mt Pleasant.

For more info or to be added to the email reminder list email [email protected] or 843-884-2323