Preschool of the Arts 2023 Spring After School Enrichment!



Mondays: Violin Stars with Miss Anna (ages 3 - 5)

$255 per semester / 17 sessions total ($40 supplies fee) / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

In this beginning class, students will learn the fundamentals of violin by playing music games, learning the correct posture and bow hold, and playing simple rhythms along with an accompaniment. After completing this class students will know how to play two or more simple melodies with different notes on their instruments. Everything is done in a fun and encouraging way to make this a rewarding and positive way to start a musical instrument.


Tuesdays: Mandarin Language with Miss Wei Ma (ages 2.5 - 5)

$300 per semester / 20 sessions total / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This course is a beginner's Mandarin Chinese class with the option to continue throughout the year. It is designed for early-childhood non-Chinese speakers, ages 2-5 years. Participants will learn daily greetings and introductions, numbers, animals, songs, and Chinese New Year traditions. Pictures, games, singing, and dancing make this class fun and effective. 


Wednesdays: Yoga with Ms. Jen from Little Lotus Yoga (ages 2 - 5)

$300 per semester / 20 sessions total / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Little Lotus Yoga classes offer children a nurturing environment to grow into their own practice of yoga and mindfulness. Interactive story-telling, games, music, art, and age-appropriate “journaling” are woven throughout a lively asana series to create a child-inspired yoga experience that is both enriching and FUN! Each class is an exciting opportunity to explore different topics through yoga; from ourselves, to the larger world in which we live, to different seasons and special events. Incorporating these familiar concepts can help a child establish his or her own meaning to the postures; one that he or she can personally connect with and, thereby, recall again and again. Developing these reinforcement skills builds self-confidence, increases mind-body awareness, and deepens the yoga practice. Children are encouraged to share what they are learning by taking home sequenced illustrations of the postures we learn in class to practice with friends and family members.


Thursdays: Dance with Miss Julie & Miss Heather from The Little Gym (ages 2.5 - 5)

$300 per semester / 20 sessions total / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The Little Gym Dance Class offers students a variety of dance and creative movement experiences. The students will enhance coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness, social skills and teamwork all while having serious fun through dance. The dance program pulls from all genres of dance to encourage children to move, groove, and dance to the beat with dance styles that everyone can enjoy.


Fridays: Soccer Shots (ages 2 - 5)

$55 per month / $495 per school year / 33 sessions total / Click here to register

Soccer shots is an engaging children's soccer program with a focus on character development that positively impacts children's lives on and off the field. Coaches are the best-trained in the business, and their expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and standard-aligned. For more info, please click here to visit Soccer Shots' website.


All offerings will be based on a minimum registration of 5 students.

All weekly after-school programs begin January 4th - 10th.

Enrichment tuition is due the week of January 16th.

3:00 - 4:00 PM